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Using DataGate to pre-process data for AVEVA NET Portal

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DataGate is designed for complete flexibility and scalability. Data can be sourced from anywhere, checked for conformance to business requirements, and exported to anywhere.

You may wish to source data from a database, file, file system, document management system, SAP, SharePoint, or any 3rd party system. Likewise, once data has been processed you may want to export to a plethora of data stores. DataGate is designed to adapt to specific requirements.

In this Engineering demonstration video we import a list of 100,000+ Equipment tags, validate asset numbers against a specified format, and check other data fields conform to a variety of rules.

Mapping data from disparate sources is simple with DataGate. Using concepts from the ISO 15926 standard, the format and language of source data becomes a trivial problem. It can easily be mapped to a data model we care about using DataGate‘s inuitive Auto Map and drag and drop interface.

Validation is performed against a business model (Class Library). The model defines data structure, associated business rules, and associations. The model can be managed in small parts and is fully scalable, meaning it can be adapted to reflect differing data requirements through a project lifecycle.

In this video, all valid Tags are exported in a format that can be loaded into the 3rd party AVEVA NET system. Whether you wish to export valid data, invalid data, or all data, the choice is up to you. You can export Valid data to a database, and Invalid data to a file. The choice is yours.

Additionally, a validation report is produced in html format. This can be emailed or deployed to a company’s intranet for easy access.