splitfile is a command line utility to split a large textual file into smaller files.

splitfile.exe -file "c:\temp\bigfile.sql" -batch 5000
splitfile.exe -file "c:\temp\bigfile.sql" -outputpath "c:\temp\output" -batch 5000

The file to split
The desired size (in lines) to export files, i.e. -batch 5000 will export files 5000 lines in length
(Optional) The directory path for output files. If this is not specified the files will be saved to the same directory as the input file

SplitFile will work on any file containing textual content, inclusive of multi-gigabyte text (.txt), delimited content (.tab, .csv, .dbf), sql (.sql), and so forth.



splitfile-source-code.zip (Visual Studio 2015)

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