eSensible’s Vision

When it comes to corporate data – documents, assets, metadata – it’s easy to over-complicate. eSensible aims to simplify data management with small tools and sensible methods.

Managing Data - It's not Rocket Science

Whether it be data cleansing, integration, or migration, we can help manage your data and improve quality. We provide solutions to gather data from disparate systems, process and validate that data, and automatically report errors.

We live in a big data era, and for many industries the management of that data determines the success or failure of the business. Big data is daunting, but we urge you to remember one thing – it’s only data, it’s not rocket science.

eSensible’s Mission

eSensible’s mission is to streamline data management tasks, improving efficiency, and bringing data quality to a higher level. Our software tools are designed to be simple and scalable, catering for a range of data management needs for any organisation in any industry. If you deal with data, our tools are for you.

Dave Horrocks eSensible Founder
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Dave Horrocks

eSensible Founder