dQ DataGate

A powerful Data Processing & Conformance tool that facilitates scalable ETVL (Extract Transform Validate Load).

DataGate will extract and merge data from disparate sources, transform and validate the data against a business model, report, and load valid or invalid data to any target system.

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dQ DataGate - Data Processing & Conformance

dQ DataGate – Data Processing & Conformance

dQ DataHarvester

A powerful Find in Files tool with Regular Expression (textual pattern) functionality.

DataHarvester lets you scan thousands of documents in a variety of formats, manipulating and exporting the results.

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dQ DataHarvester - Regular Expression Find in Files

dQ DataHarvester – Regular Expression Find in Files

Business model driven

Class Library Driven Engineering SoftwareOur methods, and most of our products, are Business Model-driven. Consider this a ‘data model’ that defines structure, relationships, and validation rules. Using a business model we can efficiently process, analyse, and report; separating valid data from invalid data, and migrating what’s needed.

The cost of Project to Operations data handoverBeing able to report on data errors in a simple manor is critical for most organisations. Our solutions provide means of effectively producing reports on segments of data, and automatically emailing the report to a relevant custodian.

By keeping the tools simple, it makes integration easy and scalable. From managing a simple Excel file to a vast multi-faceted system-intensive project, our tools can help you out.

Feel free to start small and build up. Most data-centric operations can be compartmentalised and dealt with in simple ways. We prefer to think of data management in small parts, building a cohesive whole.

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